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I’ve had regular massages from Lynette over the past several years, and it’s been great. She personalizes each massage to the level of pressure that I want that day and the specific issues that I want to address. And over time, she’s gotten to know my body, so I’m getting an accumulated benefit. She’s also great about offering suggestions for stretching and improving my posture between massage sessions. In addition to relieving the tension of the moment, she wants to help her clients become healthier and more comfortable over the long term.”  ~Sue Bury

Lynette helps me stay healthy so I can compete in senior running. She knows what she’s doing, what I need, and customizes to my preferences. Because of work with Lynette, I’ve run new personal best times that are faster than when I was 15 years younger…”  ~Dave Stauffer

“Lynette is proficient, caring, and fully invested in seeing her clients improve.  She has helped me tremendously with back & hip pain and range of motion.  I always leave a session with Lynette feeling much better than when I came in.  I have been to several deep tissue massage therapists but have received the best results with Lynette’s professional treatment.”   ~Janet P.

I use massage therapy because it is very effective in reducing the overuse effects of a vigorous athletic lifestyle.  It helps to balance my body’s structure and maximize my range of motion.  Anyone can provide a simple, relaxing rubdown.  However, those provide limited results.  I go to Lynnette because she is capable of working through complex problems to create long term, genuine, physical improvement in balance, strength and flexibility.”   ~Les Hedquist,  Red Lodge

Lynette always asks you what you need and then tailors the massage accordingly.  She creates a relaxing ambiance that becomes a “whole experience” and I come away refreshed.  ~Tamara C.